Wedding Sewing

After telling you about that very expensive fabric in my last post I thought you might like to see it, and what I'm going to do with it. 

On the left is the embroidered silk dupion at cost £85.00 a metre.  It has large flowers embroidered in a darker shade of lilac, surrounded by silver corded embroidery (which is actually quite hard to see in this photo, but shows up much better in real life). 

On the right is polyester satin backed crepe which I will be using to make a simple shift dress - the silk dupion is for a knee length jacket/coat.  I'll be using the matte side of the crepe as the right side.

Here's the pattern.

Both the dress and coat will be shortened to just below the knee.  This is actually the pattern that Jenny had her own wedding dress made from, so it's nice she's going to be wearing an outfit from the same pattern for her son's wedding.

I'll be making a start this evening, firstly with the linings for both dress and coat which will be used as muslins. 

You might remember that I'd planned on making my own outfit for this wedding as well.  When I last spoke about it I was having fitting problems with the jacket.  Although I haven't mentioned it since, I spent quite a bit of time taking in some seams and letting out others, and I did achieve a much better fit.  The trouble now is I really, really don't like it!

I know it's only at muslin stage, but the waterfall frill made my chest look enormous!  No modelled photo's I'm afraid, only one with Rosie wearing it.  And believe me, it looks better on her than it did on me.

The fabric I had planned on using is quite heavy, so I can just imagine what those ruffles would look like! 

I'm so disappointed, and also feel rather silly after whittering on so much about how it was the perfect jacket.  Turns out that it isn't - well not for me anyway! 

On further reflection, I also felt that the blue crepe I'd bought to go with the jacket fabric looked a bit "mumsy" for me.  Ugh!

Plan B revolved around some fabric I bought in London when Jenny bought her fabrics.  Don't worry, mine was a remnant and was only £15.00.

But I can't decide what to do with it!  I've got 2.5 metres, enough for a dress, or possibly a shift dress and cropped jacket.  But it's not doing it for me right now.

So, I'm now on plan C!  Plan C features a dress I've had for 4 years and only worn twice.  Not one I made, this is a Nicole Farhi dress I bought second hand to wear for my 40th birthday party.  It's gorgeous.

It came without a slip - when I've worn it before I wore a long black slip, but I'd prefer a nude one this time.   The lace you can see at the neckline is actually the camisole underneath, so you can see, it's rather low cut!  I will be adding a lace panel to the front to cover my cleavage you'll be pleased to know.

I'll need something to go over it though.  Although the wedding is at the end of June, this is the UK, so it's likely to be freezing cold!  (And I'm not joking!)

I was thinking of view 3 on this pattern, without the bow or collar.  What do you think?

And what colour?   I'm thinking a beige/coffee colour, but I'm open to suggestions.  What I'd really like is some metallic linen like Tasia used here on her Cordova jacket.   Looks like I need to go on another fabric buying trip!


  1. That embroidered fabric is lovely, and I'm swooning over that pattern. It's so cool that it's the same one your friend had her wedding dress made from!

    What a bummer about the waterfall jacket! I'm going through a similar phase right now: nothing seems to be "right" and none of my ideas seem to be panning out!

    I love the idea of the little jacket, but would it be warm enough over that beautiful, ethereal dress?

    1. Glad I'm not the only one struggling with finding the right project/pattern at the moment! I think I'm better off making things just because I like them, rather than to fulfill a specific need. There seems to be less pressure to get it right that way.

      I was thinking I might lengthen the jacket sleeves to elbow or 3/4 length to give myself a bit more warmth. And if necessary wear thermal underwear! (That is hopefully a joke!)

  2. The lace fabric is beautiful and I love that she used the same pattern for her wedding dress. How special.. and how special of you to make it for her. Wishing you the best on this lovely dress.
    SO sorry about your jacket. That happens in the sewing world.. some things work and some things don't.. So proud your moving on with out stressing yourself. I love your dress, and that jacket is so adorable.. [I am praying for you ,that you have a pretty sunny day and don't need thermal underwear.hahahhahaha]
    Happy sewing.

  3. I love all the fabric and the story behind the wedding dress pattern. The fabric you picked up for yourself is beautiful - I think you're absolutely right to wait until you're ready to make something from it. I'm sorry your jacket pattern hasn't worked out - especially after all your careful deliberations about buying it. That's the thing about not being able to try stuff on first isn't it? I'm sure it's not so bad but if it doesn't feel right to you then you won't wear it.

    Good decision to go with the dress you have - it is very pretty. The cropped jacket pattern is very cute - hope you find your dream fabric :)

    1. Yes, that is the only drawback with sewing your own stuff. If you're trying a different style to normal you have to do quite a bit of work before you find out it's not for you!

  4. Oh my goodness, the pale blue fabric is so exquisitely beautiful!! Wow! It would look lovely in the simplest of styles, to best showcase its visual beauty, something like view 1 or 2 of the last pattern. I can imagine it looking so wonderful!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! I'm making a knee length version of the coat in the first pattern from it.


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