Me Made May - 1st to 6th May

So, my first Me Made May!

I pledged to wear Me Made items at least three times a week.  Let's see how I'm doing so far.

1st May - as yet unblogged self drafted striped jersey top.  Blog post on this coming soon, I promise!  Worn with jeans (not me made) as I was working from home.

2nd May - I wore my Coral Pebble cardigan, with a navy and cream striped maxi skirt and navy t-shirt (neither me made).  The photo I've used is an old one, as I forgot to photograph this.  Not good to forget on day 2, is it!?

3rd May - my recently completed Lovely Linen Laurel was worn, along with some gorgeous red wedges that I bought months ago.  This was their first outing!

4th May - during the day I wore my linen Laurel again, then in the evening I changed into my Lattice Topped Dress to go and watch a band at our local pub.  I added a pink belt to this outfit just before we went out - a big improvement!

5th - 6th May - no Me Made items worn!  However I've easily achieved my target of Me Made items at least 3 times a week.

I've already identified that I need to make more casual clothes though, particularly tops to go with jeans, and maybe a couple of casual jersey dresses. 


  1. First week and you've exceeded your target - Go Sam!

  2. Wow, that stripey top is awesome! Can't wait to read about it!

  3. Looks like a good week. Love that striped top!!

  4. Different looks through the week and they are all pretty in their own ways, no comparison.Love reading your posts.

    1. I do have quite a varied wardrobe, so you'll definitely see different looks!

  5. Great start to May Sam! Lovely outfits and I am really looking forward to seeing more about that striped top :-)

  6. I think you are doing really well for me made May 2013 - I couldn't manage nearly as well (maybe next year). I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award/very inspiring blogger award. Please pick them up at my blog


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