An update on my goals

At the beginning of the year I set myself some sewing and knitting goals.  I thought it was about time I checked in and let you know how I'm getting on with them.

My sewing goals were:

Make a pair of trousers that fit me.  Yes, I can quite happily say I've succeeded in this one.  I made Simplicity 2562 Amazing Fit trousers, and the fit is very good.  I've worn them several times since I completed them.  I've also got plans for another pair of trousers in some rather loud black and white paint brush effect fabric I bought this week.  They'll be a narrower leg, so might have more fitting issues, I'm not sure!

Make at least one pattern from an independent designer.  Another success!  My Colette Patterns Lovely Linen Laurel dress fits the bill here!  I'd definitely like to try more independent patterns, and I actually won a Hot Patterns pattern in So Zo's recent giveaway, so that will probably be next.

Complete the Craftsy Couture Dress course.  Nope, no success here yet!  I'm put off because I don't like the dress so don't want to make it, but I should really watch the classes and learn something anyway. 

Make things I will wear regularly. Yes, I seem to be doing OK here.  As of the end of last month Simplicity 8498 has had several wears; NL6000  has been worn twice, my Burdastyle Pocket skirt has been worn several times, as has my Lovely Linen Laurel.

Make at least one item a month. Yes, I'm achieving this one pretty well!
January - my vintage Simplicity 8498 ;
February - New Look 6000 ;
March - Burdastyle Pocket Skirt ;
April - 2 New Look 6000 tops and my Laurel
May - Sailor Stripes top, and 2 other jersey tops that I haven't blogged yet.  I'm also working on an outfit for a friend to wear to her son's wedding.  

Participate in at least one sew-along. Achieved Feb and April 2013. Participated in Scruffy Badgers NL6000 Polka Dot Frock Fest (Feb) and Faye's Sewing Adventures Essential Top Sewalong (April).

So, the sewing goals appear to be going pretty well.  I MUST get started that Craftsy course soon though.

Now for the knitting goals.  I only had 2, which were:

Make the knitting patterns I already own my first stop when choosing a new pattern to make.  I'm not doing so well at this so far.   I am currently working on a Watershed cardi which is a pattern I've owned for about 3 years, but other than that I seem to have bought a new pattern every time I want to knit something.  I have recently bought Kim Hargreaves new book though, and there are several things I want to knit from that, so hopefully I can do a couple before I buy any new patterns.

Knit things I want to wear and that will go with my existing wardrobe or fill a gap.  Yes, I seem to be able to better identify what I need and what works for me.  Me Made May is also helping me to work out what I need in my wardrobe in the way of knitwear.  I've also realised I need to knit with yarns that are reasonably easy to care for. 

Did you set yourself any goals this year for your sewing/knitting/other crafting?  If you did, I'd love to know how you're doing with them.


  1. I'm impressed with how well you're doing so far! I ought to check my goals and see how I've done.

    1. Thanks Gail. I've found it quite interesting, because I've actually achieved more of them than I first thought.

  2. It is great to see that you are hitting most of your goals! There is still plenty of time to reach the others. I set myself a 20:20 challenge earlier this year and must do an update - thanks for reminding me!

    1. Thanks Claire. Looking forward to your 20:20 update.

  3. What a wonderful job you have done on keeping up with your goals..
    Love your Laurels too.. So pretty.

  4. Wow, what an impressive line up, and you set yourself some tough goals, you must be so pleased :)

    1. Thanks Jacq, yes I am pretty pleased with myself. ;-)


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