Me Made May 25th - 31st and a Knitting Disappointment

Wow, we're finally on the last day of May (although it feels more like February here, the weather's been so cold!) so here's my final update on what I've been wearing.

25th May - 2 Me Made items worn, my white lace kimono tee, and my Afternoon Cardi.

28th May - Ditsy floral New Look 6000 top.   I also wore my Tempt cardigan for much of the day.

29th May - The white lace kimono tee again!

30th May - 2 Me Made items - my Sailor Stripes top and my Simplicity Amazing Fit trousers.

31st May - My last minute holiday spotty top.

I'm planning on doing a proper analysis (with charts and everything!) of my Me Made May experiences, but I do feel slightly disappointed in what I've worn.  It seems like it's been quite a boring month clotheswise.  I think there are 2 reasons for this.  The first is that I've been working from home quite a bit, so haven't needed to wear my smarter clothes.  The second is that its been so blooming cold and wet that I've resorted to warmth over style.  I'd normally have worn loads more dresses than I have this month. 

I had planned to debut a new item today as a kind of finale to Me Made May, but it's not turned out anywhere near as well as I'd hoped. 

I'd been knitting a Watershed cardigan from Indigirl.    I first knitted this pattern about 3 years ago, and the resulting garment was worn loads and got thrown away only recently as it had seen much better days.

I had plans for this one to make it longer and with elbow length sleeves.   Here's the result.  Can you spot what's wrong with it?

The eagle eyed among you might spot that the lace patterns down the fronts aren't exactly the same.  They are SUPPOSED to be the same, and I'm sure they were on my first one. 

Here's a close up:

The pattern on the left is correct.  Those 2 rows of vertical holes either side of the diagonal ones are made up of a yarn over followed by a purl 2 together.  On the right front we have purl 2 together, then yarn over.  I've obviously done something wrong with the way I've worked the right front, but I'm not sure what.

The annoying thing is I didn't even notice until I'd finished knitting, sewn in all the ends and blocked it.  Now of course it stands out like a sore thumb.

The cardigan is knitted in one piece from the bottom up, so the only solution is to unravel (or frog) the whole thing.   Very disappointing! 

I think I'll put  it to one side for a while before I do anything drastic.


  1. Don't frog it. No one but you will notice!

  2. I didn't notice this until you pointed it out. I think you can wear it without anyone noticing.

    1. Thanks Claire. That gives me confidence in it.

  3. Well done for getting to the end of MMM - I have several things I haven't worn because of the weather, dismal. Looking forward to seeing your charts. Please don't frog your cardi, honestly it's not noticeable :)

    1. The last few days of MMM really seemed to drag, I'm kind of pleased it's finished! Also, I've got totally bored of these clothes! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the cardi.

  4. I know just how you feel - it's the kind of thing that hardly anyone would notice, but once YOU know it's there, it's all you can see!

    Once you sleep on it a little, maybe you could wear it out in the world and give it a test run. I hate to admit I'm so swayed by opinion, but often I change my feeling about makes I don't love after getting a few compliments on them :-)

    1. Actually I'm pretty much the same Gail, a few compliments can make all the difference can't they?

      Even from the responses I've had I feel a bit happier about wearing it and seeing how I feel then.

  5. Hi Sam - well, for wear at home clothes I think you have a superb me made wardrobe - it's one I've got to work on now. It's funny how we don't have nice at home wardrobes even though quite a few of us work/study from home. The cardi is fine - I was really looking to find the mistake - although its sad when this happens after all the effort that goes into knitting.

    I really admire you me made participants - takes a lot of dedication and commitment.


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