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I'm very excited to be joining in Sarah Liz's 2013 Style The Stash Sew-a-Long.  Sarah Liz blogs at SarahLizSewStyle.  I've just written my first post on the joint blog she has set up for the purposes of the sew-a-long, which lasts from now until the end of the year, and thought I'd share the details of my fabric stash here as well.

I've spent this afternoon sorting, photographing and cataloguing my stash and here are the results.

Firstly, shorter lengths of fabric:

These are all 1 metre or less in length, some are remnants or short pieces I purchased, others are left over from projects I've completed.

On the left are summer weight pieces and on the right winter weight.

I have plans for the coral jersey piece and the butterfly print and will likely use them together.

Now on to the longer lengths. These are all over 1 metre in length, and nothing is longer than 2.5 metres.

I have plans for the cream floral print and the black and white brush strokes print. These are both linen mixes. I also have plans for the navy/tan splodgy print, which is what I'm planning on using first.

Finally a few more longer lengths.

The coral fabric on the left is a shiny, heavy-ish jersey. I'm planning on using it for a (hopefully) wearable muslin of a casual jacket. The other 2 pieces I bought to make an outfit for a wedding I'm going to, then changed my mind about it.

This is how my fabric is stored.

I'm hoping I can keep it to these 2 boxes, I'm sure this Sew A Long will help me here.

I've also catalogued my fabric in a spreadsheet with copies of these photos attached for easy reference. I've actually got 31.3 metres of fabric, which I was quite surprised by. I thought it would be more than that, but quite a few of the pieces are short lengths, and as I mentioned earlier, nothing is over 2.5m.

I'm really excited to be joining this Sew A Long and can't wait to get started on my first project.   Thank you so much to Sarah Liz for coming up with this wonderful idea.

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  1. Hi Sam,so nice to meet you.. Can't wait to see what you make with these lovely fabrics.. Happy sewing.


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