Goodbye Google Reader

I've never used Google Reader myself, but I do know that it is being retired on 1st July.

If you currently follow me on Google Reader I'd love you to switch to an alternative method and continue to stay in touch. 

You can follow me on Bloglovin' by clicking the button on my sidebar, and instructions for importing your blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin' can be found here.  I use Bloglovin' myself and find it pretty good.

Alternatively you can use Feedly. and can import your blogs to this platform by going here.  I've never used Feedly myself so can't say how good/easy to use it is.

Thank you to all that have followed me up to now, and I hope you continue to do so once Google Reader is turned off, whichever method you choose.

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  1. Hi Sam, I am currently following you on Bloglovin' and enjoying your writing! Your post today reminds me I need to do a similar post this week.


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