I'm not making excuses...

... except I probably am!

There hasn't been much (any in actual fact) sewing going on around here for the last few weeks, hence the lack of posts.  There is a reason for this - it's the time of year. 

I'm so sick of Winter and being cold and I'm sick of my Winter clothes, but as I said, it's still cold.  We've had the odd warmer day this week, but today it's freezing again. 

I really don't want to sew any more Winter clothes, even though I would love something new and warm in my wardrobe, but it's too cold for me to even begin to sew for Spring - I'm not even thinking as far as Summer!

I always end up feeling like this around this time of year - I'm sure I'm not the only one, stuck in a rut with my Winter clothes and longing for something new or different at least, but too cold to actually want to wear anything other than layers and jumpers. 

Although there's been a lack of actual sewing, there hasn't been a lack of planning and fabric buying, so I thought I'd show you what I intend to make as soon as I can convince myself it'll be warm enough to wear them.

First up is likely to be the new Papercut Patterns Bowline sweater - it might actually be warm enough for this if I wear a vest under it.   I'll be making it in this grey and cream jersey that I bought in Ditto Fabrics earlier this week during a work trip to Brighton.

I've got a couple more Papercut Patterns garments planned as well.  Also from the new collection, the Starboard jeans, in some dark denim from Stone Fabrics.

I'll be omitting the zips from the back of the legs though. 

Also, the Bellatrix Blazer.  I'll be making this during a Tailored Jacket workshop taught by Alison Smith that I'm lucky enough to be going on next month.  I need to make a toile for this before the workshop.  My fabric is this Chanel style denim melange I got from Fabworks.

I'm going on another workshop taught by Alison Smith in May - the Couture Dress.  For this I'll be making a Marfy pattern, I think the number is 3167, in some navy broderie anglaise from Stone Fabrics.  This will obviously need underlining, I'm not sure what colour I'll use yet.

I need some more tops for when (if) it gets warmer and I fancy the Style Arc Edith top.  I don't have any fabric specifically for this yet, but I'm sure I have some in my stash that would be suitable.

A dress in Mint Velvet caught my eye last weekend, but it's too short for me so I'm going to try and draft a pattern to make something similar.  I don't think it should be too difficult. 

So that's my plan for Spring.  There seems to be a distinct colour theme, and it's not a particularly "warm weather" one!  I'm sure there will be other projects that creep in unannounced - I've still got my chambray pussy bow blouse to make for one thing - and hopefully some of those will be a little more cheerful colour-wise.