Overwhelmed and Underwhelmed

Happy Saturday everyone!

Who's feeling tired today because they stayed up until silly o'clock last night to watch the Olympics opening ceremony?  I certainly am.

I have to admit that until about Thursday this week I wasn't remotely feeling the Olympic Spirit.  Then about 48 hours ago I felt some glimmer of interest building inside me, and I ended up staying up until nearly one o'clock this morning to watch the opening ceremony.

And I have to say I loved it! 

Right from the very start, with the wonderful pastoral scene, complete with maypole, village cricket match and sheep, through to the lighting of the cauldron.

There were a few sections that left me slightly confused - aren't there always in these things? - but these are my highlights:

The Olympic rings being "forged" during the Industrial Revolution section and being raised to the sky.

James Bond escorting Her Majesty The Queen to the stadium, complete with parachute jump from the helicopter!

The amazing fireworks.

David Beckham bringing the flame down the Thames by speedboat.  (DB and Daniel Craig in one evening - how wonderful was that?!)

And the best bit - Team GB entering the stadium to David Bowie's Heros, led by Sir Chris Hoy carrying the flag. 

I felt very emotional and more than a little overwhelmed by the whole thing.  I think I can safely say, I am now in the Olympic spirit.

Sadly, this morning I was disinctly underwhelmed.  I set off to the shops with £200 clutched in my hot, sweaty little hand to buy myself an overlocker from John Lewis. 

I'd seen the one I thought I wanted online, but never having used one or seen one in action before I asked the very helpful lady in the Habedashery department for a demonstration.

I have to say I was a little bit disappointed, and as I've said, underwhelmed.  I hear so many people rave about their overlockers, but I really felt "Huh, is that it?"

OK, yes, it trims and neatens all your seams as it sews and it finishes edges.  Somehow, I was expecting something more...... but I don't know what exactly!

So tell me, why do I need an overlocker? 

If you have one, do you love yours?  How has it changed your sewing life?

Right, I'm off to see if Mark Cavendish can win the mens cycling road race!  See you soon.

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  1. Ha! I just stayed up late and watched it here in the states. They didn't show it live. It was shown later on for some reason and I had to stay up to watch Paul McCartney. I think that was my favorite part. And probably The Queen parachuting in to the stadium, too. I don't have an overlocker and I'm not real interested in having one. Sometimes I think it would be nice.


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