On my needles... and out in the rain!

Hubby and I are having a few days away in Norfolk in my sister's holiday home, to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.  Sadly the weather hasn't been that great, yesterday it poured with rain and somewhat hampered our visit to Sandringham.  Sadly, the Queen wasn't at home to welcome us in for a nice cuppa to warm ourselves up!

It's a gorgeous place though, and I'm sure in lovely weather the grounds are well worth a tour around.  I took a couple of photos through the drizzle (which later turned to a downpour!).

I'll also take this opportunity to share my current WIP with you, now it's been featured on Karen's WIP Pitch over at Did You Make That? a few days ago.   There are some great looking WIP's featured there - I can't wait to find out what they all are!

I'm making the Seashore Cowl, from Starling Knits and Crafts.   This is the photo from their website, that accompanies the pattern.  Isn't it pretty?

I've almost finished mine now.  I just have one more stripe of the pale grey I'm using for the body, then the final lace round.  I've added small beads between the eyelets in the lace sections.  You might just be able to see them in this photo.

According to the weather forecasts today, things are supposed to be getting a bit nicer here towards the start of next week, so it might be a while before I'm wearing it (fingers crossed!).  But I will certainly share it properly with you soon. 

When I get home I also have a completed sewing project to share with you, something I finished just before we came away, but I didn't have time to photograph.

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