Made by Me: Seasonally Inappropriate Seashore Cowl

This picture featured in Karen's WIP Pitch over at Did You Make That? a few weeks ago. 

The idea was to send Karen a photo of your current WIP (work in progress), be it knitting, sewing or whatever, she would post all the photos she recieved and we would guess - or try to guess - what each other was making.

There were some gorgeous and intriguing submissions.  Nessa of Nessa's Place correctly guessed that I was making a cowl.  And here it is:

It's the Seashore Cowl, from Starling Knits and Crafts.  For once I knit it exactly as written - which is very unusual for me, I can't resist making a few little (or large) changes to most patterns I knit!  I did add beads between the YO's in the lace sections, purely because I had some that were the perfect colour.   You can see the beads in the above photo.  

The yarn is sock yarn, the grey is Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk that I purchased from a fellow Ravelry users, and the varigated yarn is I Knit or Dye Rubber Sole.  This one is particularly gorgeous, it's 50% merino and 50% silk.  I bought it last year at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace for no other reason than I loved the colours.

I started knitting this a few weeks ago because the weather was so blooming cold and awful I seriously thought I would need to wear it as soon as I finished it.  However, as soon as I DID finish it the weather changed completely and the temperatures soared!

Perhaps I need to knit winter things in "summer" more often and help keep the weather as it should be!

I think this will get a lot of use.  You could throw it on over a t-shirt around your neck if you just wanted an extra bit of warmth, pull it down over your arms (as in the above photo) so it was more cape like, or wear it over a coat.  I'm thinking a pretty shawl pin might be nice to fix the neck snuggly under my chin on really cold days.   

I'm now off to discover what some of the other WIP's that were pitched turned out to be. 


  1. The cowl is beautiful! great colours. Knitting out of season is always fun, it's just making something that you can look forward to wearing when the weather changes.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, its ready and waiting for some cooler weather now.

  2. Wow! It's amazing. I love the textures and colours.....and you'll not have long to wait before you'll be wearing it ( I hope you're not so cold now that it's been worn!)

    1. Thank you! The colours are even more gorgeous in real life, and no I'm not so cold at the moment that its been worn already.


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