Made by Me: A Victory for Stripes!

A while ago I bought some navy and grey striped jersey with the intention of making a maxi dress.   However the weather has been so awful that it’s been too cold to wear the maxi dresses I already own, and I couldn’t face the thought of another one.   Shocking, because I love my maxi dresses! 
This is the fabric and original plan.

However I did need something warm to wear and as all my sleeved dresses are currently packed away for summer (!?) I decided to put the striped jersey to use and make something more weather appropriate. 
I wanted something simple, loose-ish but still with a bit of something out of the ordinary to it.  So I searched through all the patterns I have favourite and came up with VictoryPatterns Hazel dress.

My plan was initially to make the bodice with the stripes meeting in a V, but then I realised I couldn’t as the stripes are not regular and wouldn’t match up.  So instead I but the pattern pieces with the stripes horizontal on the bodice and sleeves and diagonal on the skirt and cuffs.  Due to the amount of fabric I had left I cut one side of the tie with the stripes going longways and the other side with the stripes diagonal.
The dress was easy to make up, I cut a size 8, which turned out to be a little big on the bust and shoulders but this was easily altered.  Next time I would use the size 8 for the skirt and a 6 or even a 4 for the bodice, depending on the fabric used.
However, when it was done – or almost done – I wasn’t convinced by it.  There seemed to be just a few too many stripes and I felt they overwhelmed me somewhat.   My husband said it looked fine – that’s always a worrying response to “how does this look?” isn’t it? – but I still wasn’t sure. 
Not quite sure why I'm holding onto the door frame here!

Then, during one of my try on’s – once I’d altered the shoulders I think – I put it on over my jeans, and an idea was sparked.  What if I cut the bottom off and turned it into a tunic to wear over jeans?
At this stage I think it was just tucked into my jeans to hold the excess fabric out of the way!


I chopped about 13 inches off and hemmed it, using my twin needle FOR THE FIRST TIME!  It worked, the hem may not be the neatest ever, but it’s much neater than if I’d used a zigzag or straight stitch.
The finished tunic, as modelled by Rosie, who always poses nicely!

And the tunic works.  I feel much happier in it than in the dress.  The stripes are less overwhelming when paired with dark denim, and in all honesty I’ll probably get more use out of it this way.  I was in need of tops to wear with jeans. 

All in all, I would call this a Victory for Stripes!
Do your stitching plans change as you progress through a garment?  Or do you always stick to the original idea?  I'd love to know.

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