Me Made May 1st - 9th

First of all, thank you all for your comments on my last post.  I know that others out there make mistakes with their sewing too, but it's lovely to hear confirmation that I'm not the only one that ruins pretty fabric!
Now on to my first Me Made May update.

I have been very good about wearing Me Made items so far, but very, very bad about recording what I've worn!  I don't seem to have had time to photograph any of my outfits so far, so I bring you photos trawled from their original posts instead (with one exception).

1st May

I started off the month with my Jamie Jeans.

2nd May

Nautical striped top. I love this and am STILL impressed with my stripe matching.

3rd May

As yet unblogged Mouse House Creations Julia cardigan.  My husband thought I'd bought this when I showed it to him!

4th May

Jamie jeans again and my spotty jersey top.

5th May

A knitted garment today - my Afternoon Cardi.

6th May

New Look 6000 floral dress for a day in the office.

7th May

An old one!  My Spotty Sorbetto with sleeves.  I think this was one of the first items I posted when I started blogging.  It doesn't get worn very often.

8th May

Anna-Danielle denim dress.  I love this dress, the combination of the Anna top and the Danielle skirt shaping is really flattering on my figure.  I'm going to make a summer version with the original cap sleeves.

9th May

Patterned peplum top.

I'm pleased with how I've done so far this month (except for the photography aspect). I suspect that the next week or so won't feature as many Me Made items.  I'm going on holiday to Ireland on Saturday evening and expect to spend much of the week wearing warm clothing that protects me from the rain!   I might be pleasantly surprised though - I did get sunburnt in Ireland once!!

 photo Samsignature.png


  1. Nice collection, Sam! Your Julia cardigan looks beautiful. Have a nice trip!

  2. that nautical top is gorgeous! amazing stripe matching! and i love the anna/danielle dress!

  3. Nice recap! I still really love that peplum :)

  4. Looks like a great me made week. I love the striped top in particular, great use of the stripes (I may have to steal that idea!).

    Have a great time in Ireland!

  5. You've got some great garments in here - love the stripy directional top and the Sorbetto, and the Julia cardi. A great week of outfits!

  6. Looking good! Love the Julia cardigan.


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