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Hello there!
First of all, thank you for your comments on my last 2 posts.  I apologise for not replying individually to those comments, the posts were scheduled for when I was away on holiday and I had limited internet access.
I had hoped to write a couple more posts this week, but once we got home from holiday life somehow got in the way!
We spent a lovely week in Ireland, firstly visiting some of my husbands relatives in Roscrea.  If you've seen the film Philomena, then you might be interested to know that the convent that Philomena was sent to is on the outskirts of the town.   
After spending a couple of nights with family, we moved on to stay for a few days in Killarney, then one night in Kilkenny before heading back home last Monday.  One lovely sunny day we did this tour, walking over the Gap of Dunloe, then taking a boat trip up the three lakes back to Killarney.
So, what have I got to tell you since my last post?
I had last week off work as well, and had hoped to do lots of sewing, but unfortunately I ended up spending 2 mornings at the dentist - the second of which involved having a wisdom tooth out - so I didn't actually feel like doing anything at all on those days!
I have been sewing the last couple of days though and am working on a dress that I'm very pleased with so far.  It's my next project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, so I can't share it with you just yet. 
I managed to get quite a bit of knitting done while we were away - and since we've been back - and I have a lovely lacy shawl to share with you later in the week. 
I have to confess that I've failed at Me Made May!  Things went completely to pot while I was on holiday - I took some Me Made tops with me and wore several of them, but spent most of the time in outdoor/walking gear.    Since I've been home, my Julia cardigan has had several wears, and my recently completed white lace topped t-shirt, but that's about it.  I hadn't really been documenting it properly this year either right from the start of the month.  Never mind, I've loved seeing what other people are wearing, and hope to do better next time!
I think that's about it for now.  I should be back later in the week with something more interesting!
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  1. What a beautiful vacation! I'm glad you got to have some fun before your ordeals at the dentist! Ouch! Hope you're all better now!


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