Have you ever tried knitting with wire?   Neither had I until recently.
A couple of months ago I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London, and whilst browsing the stalls came across one selling kits and ready made knitted wire jewellery.  Now I love jewellery, and I love knitting, so of course I had to treat myself.
The seller was Mahliqa - check out her website if you dare, she has some totally gorgeous pieces for sale!
I bought this kit, for a spiral necklace, in bronze wire with multi coloured Swarovski crystal accents.

The kit contained everything needed to make the necklace, except the knitting needles. 
It took a while to get used to knitting with wire, and it did hurt my fingers a bit to start with, but I soon got used to it.  The hardest thing to get used to is that of course the wire has absolutely no give to it at all.  Even the least stretchy yarn as at least a tiny bit of give. 
It was amazing to see the necklace materialise.  The pattern is very easy, and made up of short rows which create the twist for you.  It really is like magic to see it appear as you knit.
Here is my finished necklace.

I've worn it a couple of times and received some very admiring comments.  I have also bought some more supplies and made a purple one for my sister's 40th birthday.  Sadly I forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it for her! 

 photo Samsignature.png


  1. Wow that's amazing Sam! Can't believe it's knitted!

  2. Wow, this is amazing! How clever are you?

  3. Pretty! And what fortitude! I tried knitting with wire once, and it just about did me in!

  4. What a great idea to able to buy everything in kit form - it's very striking, I'm sure your sister will love hers :)

  5. That's lovely - it must have been quite hard on your fingers, I would think.


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