What's New with Vogue

I had an email from Sew Direct earlier this week with the new Vogue patterns for winter.  I've had a couple of days to peruse them and consider which I like (if any).  Here are my thoughts.

There aren't actually many patterns in the new collection that I like, and surprise, suprise, the ones I do are mainly dresses!  Give me the choice of sewing anything and I'll pick a dress every time.  I love dresses!

I really like this one, V1326.


I actually love the colour combination they've chosen to make this up in, although I don't know that I would wear it myself.  I did have a blouse and skirt back in the 1980's that were striped in these exact colours, and it's always been a favourite combination of mine.  To me they are more summery colours.  I'd be tempted to go for something darker if I was to make this dress as winter wear.

This one also looks like a summer dress to me, although I suppose it could be worn to a Christmas party or something.  This is Vogue 1327.


From the photo it looks like the top twisted section of the bodice is made from different fabric to the rest of the dress, but according to the pattern information, it is all the same. 

Just one more dress to bore you with!  Vogue 1328.  Now this one looks more appropriate for this time of year to me.  Long sleeves, and can be made from ponte knit or stretch satin.  I actually have some teal ponte knit fabric in my stash. 


There wasn't much else I liked if I'm honest.  There are quite a few very strangely shaped jackets/coats and several over the top dresses. 

However, this blouse did catch my eye.  It's Vogue 8857.  


I don't actually own many blouses.  I only like them if they're made from very drapy fabric, and I dislike collars.  They never sit right on me.  I tend to wear jersey tops instead of blouses, and luckily I have a job where the dress code doesn't demand super smart office wear. 

This blouse looks quite pretty though, I like the ruffled fronts and the option to omit the collar.  I could see this in a light colour with jeans, boots and a chunky cardigan. 

Is there anything that takes your fancy from the new Vogue collection?


  1. I am not looking - I am on a pattern buying ban! However, I might have a pattern or 2 on my Christmas list! ;)

    1. I have absolutely no need for any more patterns, certainly not dress patterns, but there's no harm in looking as they say!

  2. Yes, that blouse is adorable....love the ruffles and pin tucks. Actually the bound cuffs and the collarless look are perfectly understated to balance all that frill action going on....


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