It's beginning to look a lot like a coat!

I finally made some excellent progress with my Vogue 8548 coat this weekend. 

After cutting the main fabric out and handbasting the interlining in place almost a fortnight before I hadn't done anything else to it.  This was mainly due to procrastination about the bound button holes.  I kept coming up with excuse after excuse not to start them, then one evening last week I just though "go for it".  So I did. 

I actually found the bound button holes much easier than I thought they would be.  Isn't that often the way?  You put things off and off, thinking they're going to be almost impossible, then are pleasantly surprised when you actually do whatever it is you've been putting off. 

I took my time, and there's no denying they were fiddly, but not too bad.  They're not perfect, but the patterned fabric helps to disguise any slight imperfections.

The inside looks pretty rough!

After reading several reviews of the pattern, I departed from the instructions and made the outside of the coat completely, before starting on the lining.  They pattern has you make the bodice and line it, the sleeves and line them and the skirt and line that, then machine stitch the outer fabric together and hand sew the waist and sleeve seams of the lining. 

I'm going to make the lining completely, machine stitch the front and neck seam, then hand sew the sleeves and hem.  I think that will give a neater result.

The outside of the coat is pretty much finished, at the moment the sleeves are only tacked in, because there wasn't time to machine sew them before the "Strictly" results show last night. 

The seam allowances have all been handstitched to the interlining so they lay flat, and I've added pockets in the side seams.  How can you have a coat without pockets?

Now I've got started I'm really excited to finish and wear this.  It's definitely my most ambitious project since I've started sewing again (although probably not as ambitious as my sisters wedding dress 10 years ago) and I really hope it turns out well.


  1. Oh wow. This looks like it's going to be an AMAZING coat. Very much reminds me of the Prada collection. Good luck in completing it!

    1. Thank you Sylvia. I'll have to go searching for that Prada collection now.

  2. Oh that's looking wonderful, you must be really pleased with your bound buttonholes. As you say, sometimes the thought of doing something is worse than the actual task. You'll have bound buttonholes on everything! :)

    1. Thanks Jacq!

      Yes, I'll be putting bound buttonholes on everything from now on! ;-) I would like to try them on something with thinner fabric to see if they are easier to make. I don't suppose you could use them on anything too thin, as you'd probably only want little buttonholes and they'd be way too fiddly.


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