Back with more buttons and slightly better photos!

After posting about my Gathered dress yesterday, I was ashamed at how poor the photos were.

They're still not the best photos I've seen, but a long way, but they're better than yesterdays.

I've never thought of our house as being dark, but we appear to have almost nowhere that has a plain wall and good light. 

You might also notice that I've added more buttons down the front, following a trip back to my little local craft shop to get a few more.  I think the additional buttons improve the look of the dress.  What do you think?


  1. That is such a fabulous dress!

  2. Oh that looks lovely, perfect for this weather. Taking photos is a nightmare when there seems to be so little light, I've never considered our home dark either but I've been finding it tricky too. I don't think you should give yourself a hard time about making another dress, you're obviously very good at it :)


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