The Wardrobe Architect - Hair, Makeup and Beauty

This week's Wardrobe Architect post asks questions about hair, makeup and beauty.  I've copied the questions Sarai asked herself (and us in her blog post) and answered each one individually.

1.       What hair style has been most flattering and comfortable for you? How did it make you feel about yourself? Did it invoke any of the words you came up with in our core style exercise?

I’ve recently had my hair cut into a chin length bob, and I think this is probably the most flattering cut I’ve had for a long time. I spent several years growing my hair out from a very short crop to a length where I could in theory put it up and do different things with it. In practice I didn’t, and discovered that although I love the idea of long hair, I don’t actually like it in practice.   When my hair was longer it always felt untidy and unstylish, no matter how much I wanted it to look stylish.  This short bob just looks and feels so much more together. 

2.      How much makeup are you comfortable with? It could be no makeup, or a full face with contouring. Or it could vary day to day.

I love to wear make-up and hardly ever go without any at all, because I look too young without any, but I hate the feel of being “made up”. Bare Minerals powder foundation has been a godsend to me as it makes my skin look amazing, but I can’t feel it at all.
I wear glasses and often don’t know what to do with my eye makeup, but always define my eyes with at least mascara, and I’m a little bit addicted to buying lipsticks at the moment.  I have a selection ranging from nudes right through to bright red.  I just bought a coraly-orange one that I’m loving so far.

3.      How does your makeup and hair reflect your personal style? What do you feel they say about you and your aesthetics?

I think my current hair cut and my make up generally reflect the fact that I prefer simpler shapes and less “fuss”.

4.      How much product do you want to own? Do you like collecting products, or would you rather just have a few essentials? How much bathroom clutter are you ok with?

I don’t want to own too many products that I don’t use regularly, but I do like enough variety so that I can give myself a slightly different look occasionally.  For example, on a daily basis I like fairly neutral eye makeup, but on occasion I like to wear deep plums and purples on my eyes as they really bring out the green tones.  I wouldn’t want to wear them every day though.

5.      What requirements do you have for the products you buy? Do you stick with all natural products? Are there ingredients you avoid?

I don’t really have any requirements for the products I buy, other than that they feel good on my skin/hair/whatever.  I hate thick, heavy, greasy products for skin or hair, so these would go straight in the bin.  I avoid heavy foundations and any hair products that contain wax.

6.      What colors feel best near your face? How do they relate to the color palette you created?

Strong but not too bright colours feel good near my face.  For example a teal/peacock jacket or a magenta pink cardigan.  I tend to wear a more neutral shade underneath, maybe grey. 

7.      What colors never look right near your face? What colors have you tried and given up on before?

Pale, washed out colours don’t look good near my face.  Beige, very pale grey, pastels.  Luckily these are generally colours I wouldn’t wear anyway.

8.     How much time do you realistically want to spend getting ready in the morning?

About 30 minutes is ideal for me, including showering, dressing and doing my hair and makeup.  My hair can get quite greasy so I wash it every day in the shower. 

9.      What types of scents do you gravitate towards? Do you wear perfume? Other scented products? What do you feel the scents you like communicate about your personality?

My favourite scents are without a doubt rose based.  I dislike highly scented bath or shower products and body creams, unless they match my perfume.  I also like some citrus based scents in hot weather. 


·         After going through the questions above, add 3-5 images to your style board that reflect your own beauty signatures, or ones you’d like to incorporate.



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