The Wardrobe Architect - Exploring Solids and Prints

Week 7 of the Wardrobe Architect series has us looking at solids and prints.   The weeks exercise was as follows:

Examine your favorite clothing. Pick out the 10-20 most worn items in your wardrobe. What percentage of them are printed?

Pick your prints. Write down your most beloved styles of prints. Be sure to look through your closet and your fabric stash.

Update your moodboard. If you have a moodboard, try adding in examples of prints you favour.

Going through my wardrobe the clothing I wear the most is without a doubt plain fabrics, followed by stripes.  All my trousers and all bar one of my skirts are plain colours, and I have at least 5 striped jersey tops in my drawer - 4 of which are blue and white/ivory. 

When it comes to dresses I have more in the way of print there, with about half my dresses being plain fabric and half prints. 

The collage above shows some of the prints from clothing already in my wardrobe.  The top one is my one and only print skirt, and the bottom 2 are on dresses.

We can already see from the information above, that my favourite print is stripes.  Specifically narrowish stripes in 2 or maybe 3 colours.   I also like prints such as graphic/abstract florals and random prints.  I don't like overblown florals or ditsy prints.  The collage below shows examples of a few of the prints I love. 

The final collage shows some printed fabrics already in my stash. 

The two on the left are both large scale prints, the ones on the right smaller scale.   I have enough of the bottom left print for a dress, the others are top/blouse lengths.   I think they do basically fit into the discoveries I've made, although you can see there are no stripes featured. 

When shopping for fabric I seem to be much more drawn to printed fabrics.  I think that is because they look more interesting on the roll, whereas often a plain fabric looks nicer made up into a garment.

I will definitely be looking out for more plain (and striped fabrics) in the future, at least until I've used some of the prints I already own.


  1. I love that skirt print at the top. What is it? Where is it from? Must have it! I doesn't ever occur to me to buy plain fabric, except denim and jersey, I don't know why.

    1. Hi ShelleyLou. The skirt was from TKMaxx, I think its by Antoni and Alison. I rarely buy plain fabric, like you only denim and jersey.

  2. Love those prints! I so agree with you about buying prints because they look good on the roll. Guilty, and I've just given them away!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with these prints, I think I'm slowly working out which ones I actually like to wear, rather than just like the look of.

  3. Goodness, I do that all the time - love prints on the roll and wear plain solids! However, I would wear more prints if I converted stash into actual garments! You have some lovely prints there, all 5 in the final collage are beautiful :)

    1. Ha ha! Most of my stash is prints, I really need to buy some more plain fabrics. I'm actually in the middle of making a top with the fabric on the middle right, and the style would look great colourblocked in 2 plain fabrics.


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