Project Overload?

Hello there lovely followers!

So, it's Friday again.  Where do the weeks go?  And the months, come to that.  I really, really can't get my head around the fact that it's less than 3 weeks to Christmas!

And I seem to be overloaded with projects.  Here's what is currently on my list.  Firstly for me, and in order of priority.

My next Minerva Crafts blogger network project.  I need to have this finished by this time next week, and it isn't even started yet.  I think I know what I'm doing now though!  I need to make my final decision this afternoon and then get cracking.

A crochet wreath.  No, I couldn't resist going to the yarn shop last Saturday after sharing Lucy of Attic 24's gorgeous Christmas wreath.  I did this much in 2 evenings, so I'm hoping to get it finished in the next week (or maybe 10 days!).

An Olivia coat/cardigan by Purl Alpaca Designs.  This has actually been put aside while I work on the wreath and the project below.   There's no real urgency for this one, although I can't wait to finish and wear it. 

Another knitting project.  This one is my January Minerva Crafts project, so all I can show you so far is this.  It's yummy though, can't wait to share this at the appropriate time.

I'm doing another craft fair on 21st December with my free motion pictures and bits and pieces, so I need to make some more stock of the smaller items and unframed pictures.

I also need to turn up some new curtains for the lounge (see below).

And I have a list of sewing for other people:

Line a fleece jacket for my husband.
Alter a duvet cover for a friend.
Make 2 dresses for another friend.

Luckily these have no (real) urgency.  Except hubbys jacket, because he asks me about it every time he sees me doing something else!

Oh, and we're decorating the dining room - including a new carpet - (and hopefully the lounge - including new curtains) before Christmas, which better get finished as I'm hosting Christmas dinner for my family at our house. 

Those few days I've got off over Christmas, when I thought I might be making a start on my coat?  I think I'll be lying down in a darkened room recovering from this lot!

Do you ever feel like you've taken on more than you can manage?


  1. That is the story of my life!!!!! Yesterday I almost took on another project to help someone out, and caught myself. I had to say no :/

    You are going to be BUSY! :) enjoy!

    1. It's so much harder to say no than yes, isn't it?

  2. wow you have a lot on! i feel exactly the same! i need to have my next minerva project finished and photographed and blog post written by next sunday. muslining tonight (i have done lots of pattern adjustments flat tho and muslin is cut so i'm hopeful of finalising it then). luckily it should be simple altho am using a new to me seam finishing method so hopefully won't take too long!

    i'm also making a jacket from goretex for hubby complete with seam taping which i have never done before. he is dying to wear it so keeps asking about it! at least i have muslined that and adjusted for size already. might get done by christmas?

    i have finished my hetty cardigan which needs blocking and buttons and i also have curtains to take up.

    plus all the usual working mum of a 5 year old stuff, christmas shopping, food planning for christmas day with fussy eater father-in-law coming. i may just keep ignoring the fact that the house is a tip and my mum arrives to stay for xmas on 20th!

    good luck with yours!

    1. You've got a lot on too! The jacket for your husband sounds a big project.

      Fussy eaters on Christmas Day aren't good. I'm only cooking for 6 but that includes 1 fussy eater and one vegetarian!

    2. It is big but the main problem is he's super fussy and keeps changing his mind about the details! I only have 6 for Xmas too but father in law won't eat turkey and everyone else insists on it plus my standby easy prep ahead starter is soup and he barely eats any veg!

      Good luck with yours. Look forward to seeing your projects!

  3. Bless your heart...............YES,YES,YES..I do feel that I take on more than I can handle.. It just seems to pile up, doesn't it?[some one ask for a simple project, "oh,it won't take long...sure, be glad to". then the next ,and the next,
    and before you know it, I feel overwhelmed.. eeeeh...

    You have some really pretty projects going on..Can't wait to see them.. I am excited for you getting the remodeling done.. That will be fun.

    1. Ha ha, its so easy to find yourself saying yes almost without realising, isn't it?

      The redecoration will be lovely once it's done. Its just the mess during the work I hate.

  4. Absolutely yes! And it is usually in December that I realise this repeating pattern!

  5. Oh I've accepted I'm an excellent 'starter' - it's the finishing stuff off that's the problem! I need to crack on with an enormous list of things but Christmas is complicating everything! Best of luck :)

  6. Sounds like you need some luck with your list too Jacq!


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