Better Late Than Never!

Hello all.

I wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas, but as we're now well past Christmas Day, I'll say instead that I hope you all had a wonderful day full of joy and happiness.

We had a lovely day at home with my family, however I spent the week before hand running around like a mad thing trying to make sure everything was as it should be.  I managed a few hours sit down in the hairdressers on Monday, but other than that yesterday was the first day I managed to do absolutely nothing!  It was lovely ;-)

I also wanted to share with you my crochet Christmas wreath, which I managed to get finished in plenty of time to hang it from the top of the French door in the dining room. 

I basically followed what Lucy did with hers, but didn't have time to make as many embellishments for mine.  No matter though, I'm very happy with it the way it is.  I used a mix of DK weight yarns - picked purely for the colours - they were all merino blends though of a similar make-up.   The tiny baubles were hard to find, I finally tracked a box down in Ikea.   

I'm going to get my act in gear today and do some sewing I think - I fancy a new top for New Year's Eve and happen to have a metre of navy sequinned fabric in my stash that might be perfect.


  1. Navy sequinned fabric sounds yummy, and just perfect for New Year's Eve festivities! And just loving your wreath ~ very original and creative ... J

    1. Fingers crossed that the navy sequins work out like I hope they will!

  2. So proud you had a good resting day after Christmas.. After all of our running around preparing,, it is so needed.
    Love your wreath, so pretty..
    Can't wait to see your New Years Eve top.. Happy sewing.

  3. Glad you managed to find a little time to relax. Love the wreath :)


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