Friday Faves

I haven't done one of these posts for ages, but there have been lots of things that have caught my eye this week, so I thought I'd share them with you.

First of all a couple of new patterns caught my eye. 

Deer and Doe have released a couple of new patterns, the one above being the Magnolia dress.  There are 2 versions available, I really fancy the maxi one, but with the slightly less revealing bodice of the knee length version.  I saw someone at a party last weekend in a long sleeved floral maxi dress and it looked amazing. 

Afternoon Patterns are a new pattern company to me, but I love the look of these Heron Culottes they released this week.  I've been looking for a culotte pattern that really takes my fancy - I know there are loads about, but none of them really seemed to be exactly what I wanted - and I think I'm going to give these a go. 

This incredible free motion embroidered top popped up in my Instagram feed earlier this week and it was instant love.  The maker, Amanda McCavour, is more well known for her seriously beautiful large scale free motion embroidery installations, but this top has me itching to try something similar myself.

I've recently started following Vinegar and Brown Paper on Instagram and I had a little browse through their website yesterday.  Their etched glass pieces are all gorgeous, but this lapel pin really caught my eye.  It's a shame I've spent all my birthday money...


Finally a blog post from Sewrendipity that I read this morning.  Alex has written what she says will be the first in a series on how to style me-made items in different ways.  She's kicked off with a fabulous pair of bright pink culottes, which has got me thinking about how I can style my Heron culottes when I make them.  I'm just not sure I'll be brave enough to go for bright pink.

I hope you like my favourites this week.  I'd love to know if there's anything fabulous that's caught your eye recently.

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