Fabric Fear

I've bought three gorgeous pieces of fabric over the last couple of weeks. 

First up was this deep green Cloud 9 fabrics rayon that I got from Crafty Angel when I was there teaching a class.  I always seem to spend pretty much half my earnings when I teach at Angela's shop!

Cloud 9 Fabrics - Business Class Senator - Rayon
It wasn't cheap - more than I'd normally pay for fabric certainly - but I fell in love with it the instant I saw it.

Then last Friday I went to the Knitting and Stitching show with a few friends.  I already knew that Stoff & Stil would be there, and I already knew I love their fabrics.  Their stand was easily the nicest, I probably could have bought one of everything they'd brought with them, and they'd brought a lot of stuff!  All the stall assistants were wearing garments made from their fabrics and they all looked so stylish.

I settled for 2 pieces of fabric (and 3 patterns - but they were only £2 each!).  They were selling their fabrics in precut pieces, both the pieces I bought were £20.00 for 2.5m.

I decided on this one first, but it was hard to pin myself down to just one piece.  This is described as being black, but it looks like a very, very dark grey to me.  I don't mind either way.   

Stoff & Stil woven viscose black with white birds

One of the assistants was wearing a top made from this (it's more 'mustard' in real life) and at the very last moment I added a piece to my basket. 

Stoff & Stil woven crepe viscose curry with flowers

As I said, I paid £20.00 for 2.5m. I've just looked on their website to find a photo and link, and it's listed at £13.50 metre, so I got myself a bargain.  I'm wondering if the assistant told me the wrong price, most of the fabrics were priced, but this one's ticket was missing.

Now, the title of this post is "Fabric Fear" because I love all these fabrics so much that I'm scared to cut into them.  I can't even decide what I want to make with them.  I have 2.5 metres of each, so 3 dresses seem the sensible idea, but which three?  What if I cut the fabric, make the dress and it's not the 'right' dress?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who suffers from fear of cutting into lovely fabric.  And please hit me with your suggestions of what I should make with these gorgeous pieces.


  1. Very pretty options!! I was going to say...you don't HAVE to make dresses from them all. You can make a top for instance, which something with sleeves will likely need 1.5-2 yards...on the lower end you would have enough for some type of sleeve shell/singlet. On the higher end you'd have enough that you could make beautiful bias tape for another project or use it for pocket linings (I love having pockets from a piece of fabric that was well loved!!)

    Don't have fabric fear!!!!! :)

  2. Beautiful fabric. Love the birds! And I completely understand your fear. I think its more a fear of choosing the perfect dress to sew to do justice to your gorgeous fabrics! You'll soon get bored of mulling and be inspired to use it. But do toille first. Once your toille works you'll have all the confidence to go, go go!


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