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Hello all,

Sorry for the unintentional absence again, work has been a bit manic, and I've had a lot of stuff going on outside work as well, including a three day workshop I attended the week before last with Alison Smith. 

I'll share what I made on that (hopefully) later this week, but for now I'd like to bring you to post I hoped to bring you a couple of weeks ago.

I'm very excited that I have a project in this months Love Sewing magazine (issue 34). 

The lovely Amy Thomas, editor of Love Sewing, contacted me a few months ago and asked if I'd be interested in contributing a project to the magazine.  She'd seen a lovely 3D free motion embroidered bag while on holiday and wondered if I would like to create something similar for the magazine.  

This is the photo she sent me for inspiration.

I was only too happy to get my creative thinking cap on and work out how I could make my own version of this beauty.  Only having a single photo to go on made things slightly tricky, but after making a few samples I was happy with the look of the finished piece. 

This is one of my samples, and the one that was closest to the final project.  I tried interfacing the skirt in different ways and gathering instead of pleating the skirt into the waist.  I also tried cutting the dress as one piece rather than a separate skirt and bodice, but that didn't work too well.

For the final piece I did away with the models hair, as my husband said it looked weird, and added a strip of braid to the waist of the dress to cover the stitching in that area.

Once I'd worked out how to create the model I had to make the bag itself, photographing each step as I went, and write a tutorial suitable for the magazine.  It was hard work, but fun.  Luckily my husband has a nice camera and tripod which he set up in the dining room for me, so I could photograph everything without any camera shake!

And here's the finished project in the magazine.

Thanks must go to Amy for giving me the opportunity to create this project, and also to Rae and Jacqui at Fabric HQ who kindly provided me with the fabrics I used. 


  1. so so cute ... this would be also a lovely idea to decorate a little girl's dress

  2. This is really gorgeous. A lovely idea

  3. Love these bags, what a clever idea! It looks so chic, too.

  4. Such a great idea and your version looks really lovely. Congrats on your article too.


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