Free Motion Monday

I've got a bit behind myself this week I'm afraid.  I'd planned a free motion embroidery post to bring you last Friday but due to circumstances beyond my control I wasn't able to.  Stupidly I didn't have anything else planned to take it's place at the time, but since then I have been teaching some free motion embroidery classes, so I'll share some of the projects from those with you.

I taught two classes at the weekend, at Fabric HQ and Crafty Angel Sewing Studio, and we made Christmas wreaths at both of them. 

They were great fun, and even messier than normal free motion embroidery classes, due to the addition of hessian, lots of ribbon and a glue gun!   Oh, and biscuits of course!

The class attendees had the choice of making either a holly wreath or a mistletoe one and the two people who came to Craft Angel Sewing Studio on Sunday even added a little robin to their wreaths. 


The pieces above were completed by my students.  Neither of them had done free motion embroidery before, and their finished pieces are gorgeous!

As there were only two participants on the class Angela who owns Crafty Angel Sewing Studio and I both made wreaths as well.   This is Angela's - how gorgeous is it?  That bow is to die for!

I made this one, as I already have "normal" mistletoe and holly wreaths.  It's now got pride of place on the dresser in my kitchen.

In case you're wondering, the red and white "berries" are the pompoms snipped off pompom trim and glued in place. 

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  1. What a fantastic idea for a class, the wreaths all look so beautiful!!!


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