Miniature Embroidery

Last weekend I had a very productive sewing spree - the most productive I've been for some time - but I haven't had a chance to photograph what I made yet.  I thought I'd share instead a small - and easily photographed - project I completed one evening this week.

It's a very cute miniature embroidery hoop necklace! 

I was given the kit for Christmas by one of my crafty friends (thank you Jo!), the kit is by a company called Dandelyne.  I'm not sure where Jo bought it, but you can get them on Etsy here as well as various other stockists. 

My kit is this one I think, it comes with a 4cm/1.6 inch wooden embroidery hoop, mount and backing piece and a necklace chain.  All you have to do is embroider yourself a tiny picture to put in the hoop.  I used a small piece of linen fabric and some variegated embroidery threads to create tiny flowers.  The flowers themselves are sewn with stem stitch with added French knots for the flower centres and a bit of extra interest.  It really is very cute.

The necklace sits at a perfect length given the size of the finished hoop.

Dandelyne do a couple of other kits with oval hoops, either vertical or horizontal and even a tiny, tiny one inch hoop.  I can't imagine how fiddly it would be to embroider something to fit in a one inch hoop.

Of course, you don't have to embroider a design, you could just mount a lovely piece of fabric, or make an abstract design from tiny buttons or beads, or do a free motion embroidery.  That's what I'm going to try next... I can see a few of these being made as gifts over the coming months. 

Tomorrow I'm off to the second part of my bodice block pattern drafting workshop and I can't wait.  Do you have any sewing or otherwise crafty plans for the weekend?


  1. Sam, that's lovely but tiny!! I'd be all thumbs trying to sew that.

    1. It was a bit fiddly Fran, I must be honest.


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