Made by Me: Sew Over It Pussybow Blouse

Well, it's Friday again, and it's another wet one!  It's nowhere near as cold as it was earlier in the week, but it's wet and grey.  I'd rather have cold and bright any day.  I love a good frosty bright winter morning.

I'm back today with some actual dressmaking, something I haven't shared here in a while.  This is the Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse, and I made it before Christmas. 

Apologies in advance for no modelled photos, it's too wet and grey to go outside for photos and too dark inside in any of the spots I would chose to take modelled photos. 

As I said, I made this before Christmas and I do have one photo of me wearing it, taken by my husband on a day he took me out to lunch to cheer me up.  It certainly worked, the place he took me was lovely and we had a delicious lunch.

I bought the pattern and fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show last October, and the fabric was always destined to become a Pussy Bow blouse.  It's a polyester/viscose blend I think and is lovely and soft and drapy.  I bought it from Stitch Fabrics, and I seem to remember it was £6.00 a metre. Sadly it's not on their website, but it was several months ago I bought it.

Pattern wise I made a standard UK size 12 with no alterations, which would be my normal RTW size.   I was a bit worried about it being tight over the bust as there are no darts, but it's fine there.  However the upper arms are slightly restrictive and so is the upper back; not so much that it's unwearable, but I can feel it pulling slightly when I move my arms forwards.   Next time I think I'd keep the front as it is and add a little bit of width to the upper back and sleeves.

This was my second time using a Sew Over It pattern and I thought the instructions were very good.  I would change the construction order a little though, as once I'd attached the neckband/tie I found I had a little V of fabric at the base of the neckline that wasn't finished.  I would therefore attach the tie before I sewed the front seam as I think that would make it easier to finish this little gap nicely.  It wasn't impossible to do, and it's not too important as the bow covers it, but it's not the neatest finish ever. 

On the cuffs I used self covered buttons and rouleau loops as per the instructions, which I think give a nice professional finish. 

I also took my time matching the pattern across the centre front seam, as although the seam itself is largely hidden by the bow my fabric has such an obvious pattern that any mismatch would have looked awful.  I think if you were using a randomly patterned fabric with no obvious repeat you could get away without pattern matching here.

Despite the slight fit issues I'm really happy with this and have worn it several times, both with a skirt to work and casually with jeans.  Next on my list is a chambray one.


  1. I love the first version I made of this top but found the same things as you. For my next version I have done an FBA and added in a bust dart and that's a great idea on putting the tie on first: might just do that! Yours looks great. Look forward to seeing the chambray one.

  2. Pretty! I love the fabric. This is my kind of top.

  3. Very sophisticated, Sam and great pattern matching! I miss the bright, frosty mornings too.


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