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This week I've been continuing to participate in House of Pinheiro's Sew Photo Hop on Instagram.  Here's what I posted for days 8 to 14.

Top row: Day 8 - Sewing playlist; Day 9 - Stash; Day 10 - Would exchange closet with
Bottom row: Day 11 - Bucket list; Day 12 - Motivation; Day 13 - Sewing space; Day 14 - Style

You can read more about each photo by going to my Instagram feed

I've been dabbling a bit with fashion design/outfit design this week.  Some of you may know I dreamed of studying fashion design when I left school, but my parents didn't want me to.  I used to spend hours and hours drawing outfits, and I've had another little go this week.  Here are three outfits I'd like to be wearing this Autumn:

Left: Black wrap blouse with stand up collar and olive trousers with black lace stripe down leg.
Centre: Sewaholic Gabriola olive/black leopard print maxi skirt (already made) and Lily Sage & Co Branson top.
Right: Self drafted camel skirt with exposed zip, camel and black stripe top and black cropped jacket.

Yesterday - a couple of days after sketching these outfits - I spotted the newly released Anderson blouse from Sew Over It. 

I think it's perfect for the blouse in my first outfit.  I'd even be prepared to forgo the stand up collar I sketched.  This pattern was released as a pdf yesterday, and is on sale for £5.00 until 20th August.  I'm buying my copy today.  It will be my first Sew Over It pattern, so I'm very excited to try it.

I've also been making a wrist pin cushion, after reading a scary article about a woman who inhaled a pin she'd been holding in her mouth.  I always put pins in my mouth, and as I don't really fancy having major surgery to my lung to have a pin removed from there, I'm going to do my best to use my cute new rose pin cushion instead.  (I do realise that the chances of inhaling a pin are pretty slim, but better to be safe than sorry!)

What have you been doing this week?


  1. I always feel so sad when people say that they had to give up a childhood dream. Your drawings are lovely and I really like your orange skirt design. Can't wait to see that one completed.


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