Project Procrastination

There hasn't been huge amounts of sewing going on around these parts over the last couple of weeks.  I've been suffering from project procrastination.  There are too many things I want or need to make, and I don't know where to start.
Plus I had a dramatic change of hairstyle last week, and while I'm really happy I did it, it somehow makes all my clothes feel wrong!  If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a photo of my haircut, if not, here's the Instagram pic.
As you can see, it's quite a change!  I feel like I need a wardrobe change to match!  I'm not feeling the love for my dresses quite as much now my hair is shorter and want either some new "cooler" dresses, or some stylish separates. 
Am I the only one who feels the need of a change of style when I get a new haircut?
So, to compound my project procrastination, I'm trying to fit a pair of trousers, with limited success. After having made a couple of muslins, I've worked out I have excess fabric in the back of the thigh.  Pinning out a vertical double ended dart in the back of the leg solved the problem, but I'm not sure how to transfer that onto the pattern.  I've actually ordered a copy of Pants for Real People today, and I'll wait until that arrives before continuing.
I'm also having second thoughts about my coat.  I was planning on making this one:
I've actually muslined this, and have all my fabrics and notions.  I'm having second thoughts though and am now thinking of this one:
They're both Burdastyle patterns, and if I decide to go with the second choice, it will be navy, as that's what fabric I have.  The second one is actually a plus size pattern, but I think if I make the smallest size with slightly larger seam allowances it wouldn't need to much in the way of grading.  I would also very likely omit the collar, as I always wear a scarf when it's cold anyway. 
So, please give me your coat related opinions!  Which one would you make?  Why?


  1. LOVE your new hair style! It really suits you. I prefer coat 2, it's such an interesting shape.

  2. I love the first option, because of the more streamlined silhouette and it looks more "classic", but I guess that's just more my style. I have seen that the "cocoon" style similar to the second option are very popular and on trend right now, but I'm not very trendy. I think either would look great with your new hair though :)

  3. Fab new haircut and I vote for coat 2 x

  4. I really love coat #2. But I will tell you from experience: three quarter sleeves don't do a whole lot to keep one warm!

  5. Omg I hardly recognised you: looks gorgeous! Totally know what you mean about new hair cut needing new wardrobe: I feel that way about turning 40! I have the 2nd coat pattern bought and really thought of sewing this winter but have now changed to a vogue pattern, but the 2nd coat pattern has been on my list for a while.

  6. I love your new hairstyle. It's so fresh. So of course you need a fresh wardrobe to match!
    Definitely get a lovely soft coat fabric.
    The cocoon style will be an easy (cosy) one to wear when it's cold out.
    McCalls 6657 is an easy style to belt up.

  7. wow - gorgeous new hair! it looks great on you! i prefer the first one as i'm not sure how the second would look without a collar (but i'm not much of a fan of collarless coats).

  8. Fabulous haircut! Very stylish. Have to confess that I prefer the first coat style. When I am not sure, I try on similar styles in the shops before cutting into my chosen fabric. Quick and easy way to tell if a particular style would suit without the hassle of tracing patterns, cutting muslins etc.

  9. No 2's awesome - would look fab with your new hair - but love no 1 too. Good luck choosing!

  10. Love your new hair! It is a fresh look - I love that feeling when you it turns out right after taking the plunge with your hairdresser. I like coat one better - like Jo, I'm not sure about collarless coats, and I think one would look sharper with your new hair.

  11. I've told you I love your hair but I'll tell you again - I love your hair! I agree with you on the need for cooler clothes with cooler hair. Totally been there. I LOVE the second coat. Because it is so cool. I love the pockets and the collar and the roominess but - you'll have to wear only fitted clothes underneath. I worry it would look like a giant sack with a full skirt or dress or trousers. So - I think you should make both because the first one will look great with a full skirt, tights and boots. X


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