A Decision Has Been Made!

Thank you all for your comments on my last post - both on my new haircut and on which coat I should make. 
After much consideration, I've made a start on the first coat, which is the one I spotted last year and bought all the supplies for.   

I think as a "main" winter coat this one will go with more things, whereas I think the cocoon coat needs to be worn with skinny jeans/trousers and heels.  And lets be honest, skinny jeans and heels are not something I do or even can wear every day.
I've actually got it cut out and the bodice and sleeve pieces underlined with flannel, ready to start sewing.  I got some gorgeous lining fabric yesterday too. 
I still love the other coat, and may possibly follow Libby from Truly Myrtle's suggestion that I make both.  The lady I bought the navy fabric from last year has the same fabric in a camel colour, so I could end up with both coats looking exactly like they do in the Burda photos (or nearly as good anyway!).
Once again, thanks for all your comments and suggestions, each one was helpful in the decision making process!  


  1. As much as I love a coccon coat, I think you made the right decision if this is to be your main winter coat. And I'd completely forgotten about the skinny jeans factor with the cocoon coat, since I do wear them a lot. I once wore my cocoon with an a-line skirt, and it really looked silly!

    1. I wear skinny jeans a lot outside work - in fact probably too often! - but obviously not suitable for work. I really want to try and make both coats now.


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