I'm in... Are you?

I'm a bit funny about getting involved in bloggy things online.  I see things going on, sew-a-longs, vintage pattern pledges, what have you, and think "Oh, that looks fun", but I never actually seem to get around to joining in. 
That's about to change though, as there are a couple of things going on now, or in the not too distant future that I'm definitely going to participate in.
The first is Oonapalooza, being run by the Sewcialists blog. 
I'm sure you know the amazing Oona Balloona from Kalkatroona - if not, why not?!   According to the Sewcialists, this is what Oonapalooza is all about.
I'm not sure that my contribution will be as loud and joyous as some of Oona's, but I'll give it my best shot!  I have some rather loud fabric that's waiting to become a fabulous dress, so we shall see.
The second "event" is not until September.  It's One Week, One Pattern 2014
Last year was it's inaugural year, the brainchild of Tilly, but this year Jane of Handmade Jane is taking over the reigns.  One Week, One Pattern (or OWOP) for short will run from Saturday 6th September to Friday 12th September and the aim is to wear garments made from just one pattern of your choice, every day for a week. 
It will probably come as no surprise to you that I'll be wearing By Hand London Anna dresses for the week.  So far I've got 4 versions and I might even have time for one or two more before September. 
Are you planning on participating in either of these events - or any others? 

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  1. Perfect! You can wear your latest incarnation of the Anna at our launch party on 11th - Can't wait to see what you make!

    1. Oh yes, I'll definitely need a new dress for that!

  2. These sound like great events! I want to get involved with one sometime but I may wait until I have a proper sewing/blogging routine. Will you post blog for One Week, One Pattern? Looking forward to seeing the different

  3. ... Cont ... Varieties of dresses you wear :) Georgia x

    1. Thanks Georgia. It's taken me 2 years of blogging to get involved. I hope it doesn't take you as long! I probably won't blog every day of OWOP, but will try and Instagram my dresses each day.

  4. I love wearing loud winter gear. Bring it on. Ok so I might not be loud - possibly bright.
    OWOP is a doozy but doable :)
    Great idea Sam.


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