Marfy Muslins

I took the plunge this weekend and made muslins of the 2 Marfy patterns I purchased recently.

Firstly the wedding dress.  This is Marfy 3167.

It has been lengthened to ankle length, and the skirt altered to an A line shape.  The bride will be coming to try it on this Thursday.   I hope it fits, because I'm actually really pleased with how it looks.

I have to say, it went together like a dream.   Each piece (admittedly there are only 4 pattern pieces) fitted exactly as it should.  The main dress is basically a shift style, with the skirt drape attached between the underbust seam and the right side seam.  At this stage you can probably see I've made the drape completely separate and have just pinned it in place over the seams.  I want to be able to take it off to fit the dress properly.

I can't help but think this is going to look gorgeous in the silk double crepe she's chosen, as to my mind it looks pretty good in the calico!

Buoyed up by the success of this one, I decided to make the muslin for my top, Marfy 2112.

Again, this went together like a dream, the 3 pattern pieces fit perfectly.   It does need a few alterations, mainly adjustments to make the hem wider so it doesn't bunch up above my hips.

You can see there's a bit of wrinkling just above my bust on each side, but I think that's related to the fact that the hips aren't quite wide enough, so it's not sitting as well as it should.  Also the fabric is quite stiff and I'm planning on making this in something with a bit more drape.

The back is definitely not wide enough at the hem and I think it could benefit from some darts to give a little bit of shape.

There are no facings included in either of these patterns.  The wedding dress will be fully lined, and I think I'm going to use bias tape in place of facings on my top.

First impressions of Marfy patterns are good!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jacq, I'm quite pleased with my progress!

  2. I'm really glad they went so well for you, given that there are no instructions!

    1. It definitely helps that they're both pretty straightforward patterns, but yes the process was much easier than I thought it might be.

  3. Both gorgeous, and the wedding dress looks amazing, even in the calico!

  4. They both look really promising and I'm sure they will be gorgeous!

  5. Looking good. Can't wait to see them in their fashion fabric.

    1. Thank you. You might see my top in a day or two...


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