Creating a Co-ordinated Wardrobe

You might remember that earlier this year I took part in a style challenge that Sylvia at 40+ Style held on her blog.  I posted about it here.
One of the things I discovered while taking part in the challenge was that although I have a lot of clothes, I don’t particularly have a lot of outfits.  I own lots of things that either go with only one other item in my wardrobe, or in fact don’t really go with anything else, and consequently never get worn.  I probably only wear about 50% of my wardrobe, maybe less than that.  One day I might even sit down and work it out, but that’s kind of scary!

How does this relate to sewing, I hear you ask?

Well, my “eclectic” wardrobe spills over into my sewing and knitting as well.  I see a pattern, I see some gorgeous fabric or yarn and think “I’ve got to have that”, without actually thinking about what else it will go with.  Very occasionally I make something to fill a gap, but not often.

However, I’m hoping to change that, or at least reduce the regularity with which I make something that ends up sitting in my wardrobe unworn, although not necessarily unloved!

My plan is to try and make co-ordinated outfits, rather than one off garments.  I also want to make more separates than dresses.  That’s going to be hard, because I love dresses, and all the nicest patterns seem to be for dresses.

My first outfit is going to use 2 pieces of fabric from my stash and 2 patterns I already own.

I’m going to make a top and trousers.  Eeeek!  My Sewultion is to sew a pair of trousers, so I’ve GOT to do it!

The top will be very simple.  Last week Colette Patterns released their latest design, Laurel, a shift dress and top. 
The top is just what I want, but when I looked in detail at the pattern, it looks surprisingly similar to the plainest version of New Look 6000 without the front darts.  So, I’m going to use my New Look 6000, shortened to make a top.  It’s a win-win, I’ve already made it, so I know the alterations I need to make on the fit, and I don’t have to spend money on a new pattern. 

I feel slightly guilty I’m not buying Laurel, but the two look so similar it seems like a waste of money.

The fabric I’ll be using for the top is the 70’s viscose crepe I bought last week.  I think the large pattern will look great made up into a simple top. 
I promise I'll iron it before I use it!

For the trousers I’ll be using a pattern I bought a couple of months ago, McCalls 6707. 
I doubt I'll be wearing heels this high!

I’ll be making the full length version, but all in one colour.  I have some navy twill type fabric in my stash that I bought for about £5.00 in a local charity shop a few months back.

I’ve never made trousers before, so I’ll definitely be making a muslin first.  I might muslin the top as well, just to make sure my idea works and I don’t end up wasting my precious fabric.  I have some drapey poly/cotton in my stash that would make quite a nice top, so hopefully it will be a wearable muslin.

Both these items should fit into my existing wardrobe.  The top will definitely go with jeans, and also black trousers I already own.  The trousers will go with existing tops, and the green sweater I just finished knitting. 

So, that’s the plan!  Hopefully I’ll be able to add more co-ordinating pieces over the coming months.  I do like to have variety in my clothes, so I doubt I'll ever get to the stage where all of my tops go with all of my bottoms, for example, but I would like to have a few more "mix and match" opportunities than I have currently.  




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  1. It seems like I've been seeing that McCall's pattern everywhere lately! It's on my list to buy too. I think that print is going to make a fantastic top!


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