Is it just me...

... or do you hate doing alterations too?

I've currently got 2 pairs of trousers to shorten for my dad (that I've had 2 weeks and haven't come out of the bag yet!), several pairs of trousers to let out at the waist for a friend and the sleeves of hubby's new coat to shorten (for the second time!) and I really don't want to do any of them!

I did the sleeves of hubby's new coat yesterday afternoon - to the length he specified - and he's now decided that actually, they're still too long. 

The only thing worse than doing alterations in the first place can be having to re-do them!

What I'd really like to do is curl up on the sofa under a blanket and start knitting this cardigan from Kim Hargreaves new book, Enchanted.

This model is scaring me slightly - she looks possessed!

So please tell me I'm not alone in hating doing alterations - especially for other people!


  1. I have two pairs of trousers I've needed to hem for two months now ;)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Liza Jane, I don't feel quite so bad now.

  2. My brother asked me to fix his favourite tie on the 11th of October - it is still sitting there. I suspect it's a 20 minute job max, I just don't want to do it - boring! I'm going to have to do it now aren't I? The shame ;)

    1. I think you might have hit the nail on the head there Jacq, alterations and repairs are just so boring, even if they do only take a few minutes.


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