Friday Fancies

Hi there!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of my “Friday Fancies” posts, not because I haven’t found anything I fancy, but because I haven’t got my brain in gear enough to put the things I like in some sort of reasonable order!  I think it was a combination of the heat and the Olympics making me scatter-brained!!

But this week I’m back with another selection of some of my favourite things from around the interweb.

Firstly, this lapped zipper tutorial from Scruffy Badger.   I used it this week to insert the zip in a dress I’ve been working on and it worked great!  I’d been disappointed that I couldn’t find a concealed zip the right colour to match the fabric, but I didn’t need to worry.  I’ll be writing a post about the dress soon, but in the mean time here is a little sneaky peek at the zip.

Not really appropriate for the weather we’ve been having here recently, but the preview of the Fall Vogue Knitting/Designer Knitting is up on their website.    There are quite a few pretty things in this issue, which is great.  Sometime I can look and not see anything I’d like to make, but I’m tempted by a few this issue.  This cardigan in particular caught my eye.  It uses the reverse side of stranded colourwork to form the pattern.

I’d love to attempt it, but I’m not that great at stranded colourwork so it kind of intimidates me.  Maybe if I took it slowly, and alternated with a simpler project at the same time?  We’ll see. 

Whilst on the subject of knitting stranded cardigans, I just remembered I have Velvet Morning from Knitty in my Ravelry favourites too, so maybe it is time I tried to make one for myself.

This neckline. 

I came across the photo on Pinterest, and it links only to the photo, so I’ve no idea where it came from.  I love it though, so simple and unusual.  Looks like it would be REALLY fiddly to try and recreate myself.  

The darker brown chunks you see in them are broken up Oreo cookies!!  I have made these a couple of times and they are totally gorgeous!


  1. That zip is beautifully done, and I've just made (and eaten!) those brownies!

    1. Thank you, I'm very pleased with how well the zip turned out. I had to mention the brownies, after your blog reminded me of them the other day. They are rather good, aren't they?!


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