Made by Me: Stripes and Flowers crochet top

Last month I mentioned a crochet top from Anthropologie that I was planning on trying to recreate for myself.

Well, I am pleased to say I have succeeded, and I'm very pleased with the result.

Hubby insisted that the "photoshoot" should include his car - of which he is very proud!

The original top is the Eden Tunic,


and my plan had been to use a Doris Chan crochet pattern, the Multi-Toned Shell. 

However when I swatched I found that the stitch pattern - while very pretty - was much too open for the effect I wanted.  I ended up switching to a free pattern, the Striped French Sweater from a Japanese company Pierrot Yarns. 

Luckily, many of their pretty patterns come with English translations!

This pattern worked out much better, I was able to get exactly the right gauge and of course it already had stripes!  I did change the stripes somewhat to match the Anthropologie top more closely. 

I decided to omit the vertical line of flowers from the centre back, as basically I couldn't get my head around the easiest way to construct the top if I put them in.  I like my version without them anyway.  I also did far fewer flowers at the hem.

I used 2 different types of flowers.  The larger, 5 petalled ones came from a free pattern on Ravelry, which I now cannot find to link as apparently I didn't bookmark it or add it to my favourites once I'd printed off the pattern!  The smaller, daisy type flowers I just made up myself.

The yarn I used is yummy - 50% cotton and 50% cashmere DK weight from Colourmart Cashmere.  If you love yarn, visit their website at your peril!  So many gorgeous yarns in gorgeous colours, and they are amazingly helpful people.  The website is a little confusing at first, but you can have the lighter weight yarns twisted up together to the weight you require, and they will help you if you get stuck!

I wore my finished top today, to a County/Craft fair at Knebworth House, where my dad was exhibiting and selling his handcarved walking sticks.  There were some lovely crafty stalls, selling all sorts of pretty things, and at one stall - Katie Essam - my eye was caught by some lovely crochet earrings.  Whilst chatting to the stallholder, she admired my top and asked if I made it myself.  She seemed pretty impressed when I admitted I had, and that today was it's first outing. 

This stall also had some beautiful machine embroidery and applique pictures, and Katie runs courses in the technique.  It's my birthday next month, and I think one of those courses is going to be my birthday present.  I can't wait!


  1. It truly looks wonderful, and I love the look of the yarn. Have to prowl around
    their website
    I just noticed last night your blog, I read it all, and was inspired by it, I must say.
    So much so, that I got my Bernina out, and will call somebody to service it tomorrow, after 18 years of sleeping.
    I also love your husband's car-:)

    1. Thank you so much Gabriella. It's lovely that I've inspired you to get your sewing machine out and play with it.

  2. I love your top. I've only crocheted blankets, cushions, toys and things to date. Ridiculously it hadn't occured to me to make anything to wear but that is beautiful :)

    1. Thank you! Are you on Ravelry? There are some gorgeous patterns for crochet garments there, you should check them out.


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