Peplums, Peplums Everywhere!

So, it seems that peplums are everywhere at the moment, and judging by some of the 2013 resort collections, look set to be around for a while to come.
Casey over at the Coletterie posted a selection of vintage peplums yesterday, and I thought I’d get in on the act and share some of my favourites.   I’ve focussed on current garments and patterns. 
I have to say I wasn’t sold on peplums initially, as I wasn’t sure how well they’d flatter a less than supermodel figure.  However, like a lot of trends they’ve grown on me and I’m now very tempted to try one (or two!) for myself.
Topshop currently has these sleeveless peplum tops in several colours, which I think would look great with a pencil skirt, either matching in colour or contrasting.
I’ve found a couple of patterns that would be a good match if you wanted to make something like this yourself. Salme Patterns have this gorgeous pattern, I think the slit in the front neckline gives it that little bit extra over the Topshop design. 

An alternative would be New Look 6130, which has a peplum top with different neckline and sleeve variations and also includes a pencil skirt and slim trousers, giving you a complete outfit if you desire. are actually starting a sew-along for this very top, but I think I might be too late to join in, as I don't have the pattern or any fabric suitable.  

This slightly looser fit top, also from Topshop, is very pretty with its pearl collar.

I haven’t been able to find a pattern similar to this one, but I would attempt to make something similar using Colette Patterns free Sorbetto top, omitting the front pleat and adding my own gathered peplum and a purchased lace collar.   This would look good over skinny jeans, either with heels or ballet pumps depending on your preference.

Peplum skirts come in many guises, from the discrete flat peplum such as this Oasis skirt.

Salme patterns have a pattern for an almost identical skirt here.

I think a skirt like this would be a good way to dip into the peplum trend quite safely.  A skirt like this could be worn in all but the most conservative of occasions I would imagine.

Then we have the much more extreme peplum, as on this skirt by Prodiga, from Flannels Fashion.

Something like this you may need a bit more confidence to pull off, particularly if it is your first time wearing a peplum.

I must confess I haven’t been able to find a sewing pattern for a similar skirt, although this New Look 6003 skirt pattern has several peplum variations.  

Maybe if you wanted a peplum similar to the Prodiga skirt above, you could combine the peplum section of the Salme patterns top with a simple pencil skirt.

I think you've probably had enough of me wittering on about peplums now, so I'll leave it at that, although I can't go without sharing this beauty from the Oscar de la Renta 2013 Resort Collection.

So, how do you feel about peplums?  Will you be jumping in on the peplum trend or not? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

* Please excuse/ignore the change in font size halfway though, I've just spent ages trying to fix it and I can't!  Guess I've got a bit to learn about blogging yet!


  1. I love that New Look peplum skirt but I shall not order it as my To Do list of sewing is starting to intimidate me!

  2. Ha ha! I've already got a knitting to do list that's way too long, and my sewing one is starting to get that way too. I think my husband is a bit scared that I am now obsessed with sewing as well as knitting!


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