Made by Me: Deer and Doe Nenuphar Jacket

This is actually my second Deer and Doe Nenuphar jacket; the first is unblogged (like many things recently!) and although I like it I'm disappointed that the fabric I used started piling after one wear.

This one however is gorgeous. 

I bought 1.5m of this fabric - a gold spotted double gauze - from my lovely friend Angela at Crafty Angel with the intention of making a top but when I prewashed it it wasn't as soft as I'd thought and I couldn't decide what kind of top I wanted anyway.  Then I hit on the idea of this jacket, and after omitting the pockets I had just enough fabric for it. 

The fabric isn't on her website, but at time of writing I know she still has some in stock.


This was the first time I've used a Deer and Doe pattern as I think a lot of them are too young for me style-wise and I was really pleased with it.  The instructions were thorough without being too "hand-holdy" and everything fit together well when I was sewing, all the notches matched perfectly etc.

Construction-wise I French seamed everything except the gathered peplum at the back - I was going to attempt a French seam here too but decided it would make things too bulky and might make the back hang weirdly. If I was using a rayon or viscose I might chance it there too, because I love how pretty and neat French seams make the insides of a garment look.

The shape of the jacket is so pretty.  You can see from the side photo above how it hangs with the front slightly shorter on my mannequin, and it does this when worn too.  I'm not sure if that's actually intended, although the modelled photos on the Deer and Doe website do show it hanging in a similar manner.

The notches in the collar are a lovely feature and if you include the pockets the top of those have a similar notch.  I almost made the collar straight without the notches but I'm glad I included them in the end.

The only other change I made was to remove the flare from the sleeve.  They are designed to be wider at the hem but that was just too much fabric for me, so I cut them straight which took 2 - 3 inches out of the hem circumference.

I've worn this a few times since making it, although it's actually too warm to even need a jacket this light at the moment.  It was perfect in an air conditioned office the other day though.

I can see me making this again.  I think if you sized down it would work well in jersey and I also think it could look quite cute lengthened anywhere from mid thigh to knee length depending on the fabric.  I've got a panel of lovely black embroidered cotton which would be gorgeous for the upper back if I can ever find some plain black that matches it for the rest of the jacket.

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