Christmas Gifts for Sewists

Am I too early to be talking about this?  I know some highly organised people - not me, sadly - will have already completed their Christmas shopping.  Some might even have it wrapped and their cards written.  I'm still under the impression that it's months until Christmas!

But if you need any inspiration on what to put on your Christmas list, or what to buy for the sewist in your life, these are some of my favourite things.

Top of my list is a controversial one - scissors.  My mum says you should never give anything with a blade as a gift - the blade cuts the friendship apparently - but if you do want to gift scissors, then you can ask the recipient to pay you for the gift.  It only has to be one penny, but then the recipient has bought them from you and according to the old wives tale the friendship is safe.

I treated myself to these scissors earlier this year and I have to say they are gorgeous.  Not only do they look pretty spectacular, but they cut beautifully as well.  I have the fabric shears and the 6" straight scissors, but I have my eye on the snips as well. 

Tula Pink Hardware scissors from The Crafty Mastermind - from £14.99

If you or the person you're buying for love using a rotary cutter, how about this pretty floral one by Fiskars?  It keeps popping up in my Instagram feed and I wish I liked using a rotary cutter, because I really want one. 

Fiskars floral rotary cutter from Remnant House - £14.99

How about some lovely Merchant and Mills goodies?  I absolutely LOVE the entomology pins. 

Merchant and Mills Entomology pins - £6.00

Other Merchant and Mills goodies I love are the sewing gauge and the bamboo point turner

I've normally got a mug of tea on the go while I'm sewing, and I often get so engrossed in what I'm doing that it goes cold.  A thermal mug would be ideal, and I love this one.   It's not strictly sewing related, but aren't we all very busy when we're sewing!

"I am very busy" thermal mug from John Lewis - £14.00

Sewing themed jewellery is always a good gift - well it would be high on my list anyway! - and there's a huge variety out there. 

I'm lucky enough to have the tiny silver Alex Monroe scissors necklace and matching earrings, bought by my husband last Christmas.

Alex Monroe Inline Sewing scissors from the Haberdashery collection

If you like something a little chunkier, then Tatty Devine have a whole range of gorgeous necklaces, from a sewing box, pinking shears or a sewing machine to patchwork pieces, and that's just things that are sewing related. 

Beyond Measure have some lovely unusual leather ruler wrap bracelets at the moment.  I'm tempted by one of these, but I have really tiny wrists and I'm worried it would be too big for me. 

Beyond Measure Leather Wrist Ruler - £20.00

Of course, there's always the old favourite - gift vouchers.  How about a voucher for a class or workshop at the recipients favourite fabric store, or just vouchers to spend on lovely fabric?  Who wouldn't love to receive one (or more!) of these Liberty gift coins - although they're so pretty I think I'd have a hard time parting with them to spend them.

Liberty gift coin - from £10.00

I hope that's given you a few ideas if you didn't have any already.  I'd be happy to receive any of these in my Christmas stocking this year.

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. Hi Sam, I really like those scissors. They are gorgeous, and so is the rotary cutter. I never thought of having "pretty" tools before, but I could definitely be tempted by those.

    1. Hi Fran, I'm a sucker for pretty tools! Not only do the scissors look lovely, but they cut beautifully as well.

  2. Oh how I would be so sew happy with any of these gifts. Christmas is really creeping up this year. I have started christmas shopping, needs must xxx

    1. Me too Faith! I'm hoping my husband will read this and get a few hints!

  3. Great minds think alike! Great list, I'll have everything please! x

    1. So funny that we both wrote very similar posts on the same day.

  4. I know this makes me sound like a total blooming idiot but WHY HAVE I NEVER BOUGHT A THERMAL MUG?! I am addicted to lattes but take hours to drink one, and I'm constantly battling cold coffee syndrome. Thanks for introducing me to this miracle.

    1. No problem Karen! I have a thermal mug I sometimes use in the car, but until I was writing this post I never thought to put my sewing drinks in it. Mind you the car one is a very boring grey, so I obviously need a pretty one for sewing.

  5. Great list! I really want those oil-slick Tula Pink scissors too, and the Liberty gift coin is so pretty!


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