The Wardrobe Architect Week 10 - The Capsule Palette

Last week's exercise on the Wardrobe Architect series had us contemplating our capsule wardrobe silhouettes, now this week we have to decide on a colour palette for our wardrobe.    As suggested I've gone back to the colour palettes I made several weeks ago and come up with this:

I already have some pieces in my wardrobe that fit my silhouette and colour palette; dark coloured slim jeans (and an almost completed pair of Jamie Jeans too! - more about those another day); dull coral trousers and a navy and cream striped jersey maxi skirt.  I also have quite a number of nautical-ish striped jersey tops.  

There are a few gaps to be filled - I mentioned that I have a desire for a red maxi skirt, although another pair of trousers or a knee length skirt might be more practical, and I could do with a few tops that aren't striped.  As much as I love stripes, it would be nice to have a bit of variety. 

The next part of my plan is to play a little Style Sudoko with my wardrobe, as ably detailed by Su of Su Sews So-So this week.  

I'm going on holiday to Ireland mid-May and it would be nice to be able to take a co-ordinated capsule wardrobe along with me, even if I may need to wear my thermals and raincoat with it. 


  1. Ooh jeans! You are brave! Sounds like you have a great set of plans for your wardrobe!

    1. Maybe I've been lucky, but the jeans aren't as difficult as I thought they might be. The biggest problem I'm having is with the dye on the denim coming off all over my hands. They're currently in the wash, in the hope that will help......

  2. These colours would look stunning on you Sam - good luck with the capsule wardrobe.


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