Adding to my pattern collection...

I had an email today from Sew Direct about their pattern sale.  Always dangerous!

If you're a member (which I am) they normally offer 50% off the cost of all their patterns, in addition to receiving their monthly magazine.  Currently, their sale offer is buy one pattern, get 2 free!  That's a pretty amazing deal in the UK - I know that in the USA in particular you can often get amazing deals on patterns, but not so much here.

Anyway, I decided I needed to take advantage.  Although I didn't particularly have any patterns in mind, I wanted at least one knit top pattern.

I found this one:

McCalls 6513
 I have at least 2 pieces of fabric in my stash that will be perfect for this - probably the long sleeved, fully wrapped design on the right - a dark grey viscose jersey and a lovely purple textured wool mix knit.   Sunny of A Fashionable Stitch has made a lovely version in dark grey, so I'm going to blatantly copy hers!  Oh for a yellow skirt to go with it.

 I've been thinking of making a jacket for a while.  I don't like jackets with collars though, so my choices have been a bit limited, but browsing around I found McCalls 6611. 

McCalls 6611

The pattern photo is pretty awful, but there are some lovely versions floating around the internets.  Sew Busy Lizzy has made two for starters.   I have some black poly/lycra stretch suiting with a slightly glossy coating to one side that I think will work for this - at least for a (hopefully wearable) muslin.

My third pick was this Vogue dress, 1371, a Tracy Reece design.  I couldn't find any evidence of anyone having made and written about this, but I thought it would be really pretty for Spring/Summer, and you know how I love my dresses!  I love the split neckline, although I'll probably omit the little bow.

Vogue 1371

One other pattern I want to get is the By Hand London Charlotte skirt, a pencil skirt with peplum and frilled hem variations.  I'm pretty certain I'd only make the plain unadorned skirt, but I do like the double darts.  I think you can just about see them in this photo.  I haven't made a pencil skirt in a long time, and this one looks really lovely.

By Hand London Charlotte skirt
Have you picked up any new patterns recently - or got your eye on any?


  1. Well that is most definitely a bargain - it would have been rude not to buy them :)

  2. Nice choices! I'm amazed by your restraint in only getting three! And intrigued by the shoulder pads in the Vogue dress. Interestingly enough, the Charlotte skirt is the next thing on my list - hoping to start on a muslin this weekend!

    1. Can't wait to see your Charlotte skirt. I think I'll probably leave the shoulder pads out of the Vogue dress, unless it really needs them.

  3. Those are some awesome bargains there :)

  4. I have made that McCalls jacket too - it is just lovely, relatively easy make and super flattering. I agree that pattern envelope is just horrible!!

    1. I've just had a look at yours - I love the shade of pink you made it in. It looks fab! Good to hear it's relatively easy to make too.


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