Hopping Around

If you read as many sewing blogs as I do you've probably seen at least some of the Blog Hop posts that have been popping up over the last few weeks.
I've really enjoyed reading them and finding out a bit more about what makes my favourite sewing bloggers tick.  I was very flattered when I received an email from Claire at I Want to be a Turtle asking me if I would take part.
So here goes:
Why do I write?
Good question!  I really had to think about this, why do I write?  Is it to entertain, inform, keep a record, learn? 
Really a bit of each of those things.
When I started blogging in the summer of 2012 I'd been reading sewing blogs for a couple of years, commenting on a few sporadically and learning lots.  Slowly the thought came into my mind that if all these people out there in the world were sharing their sewing and other skills online, then why shouldn't I?  It seemed to me - rightly or wrongly - that if I wanted to learn more and improve my sewing then I needed to be able to take a more active roll in the online sewing community than merely commenting on other peoples blogs.
Like many others taking part in this blog hop have noted, my blog largely forms a place for me to keep records of what I've done, alterations I've made to patterns, things I'd like to try differently next time. 
I hope that my writing is entertaining or at least interesting.  I have to say that creative writing was never my strong point - I'm much more of a "why use 200 words when 20 will do" type of writer so I do worry sometimes that my posts are a bit abrupt, but then other times I can waffle on indefinitely.
My blog is mainly about sharing what I'm working on or what I've just finished, with a few tutorial type posts thrown in along the way.  I see some bloggers writing detailed and obviously well researched posts on social issues, but I have to say that's not my thing!  That's not to say that I'm not interested in these issues, just that I don't want to write about them.  I'd rather keep things more light hearted here.
What am I working on?
Well, like most people I normally have several projects on the go.  Currently I'm working on my Alabama Chanin skirt, which I posted about last week.  As that is handsewn it's taking time, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable project.
I'm also working on my next Minerva Crafts Network project, which I can't share with you right now, but will be revealed next week.
Towards the end of the month I'm planning on starting my big project of the year, a winter coat.  I'll be making this Burdastyle one, the pattern is cut out and ready to go as I intended to make it last year and never got round to it!
I'm also working my way through the Craftsy Pattern Making Basics - The Skirt Sloper course.  I've wanted to learn pattern making for ages and my lovely hubby got me this course, and the bodice sloper one for my birthday. 
How does your blog differ from others of it's genre?
My initial reaction to this question was "I don't know"!   I suppose to a certain extent most sewing blogs are the same, we all make things, we all share them with our readers.
I think where my blog differs from some others is that I don't really have a defined style.  There are a lot of bloggers out there that have a very defined style, be it vintage garments, certain colour schemes, prints, whatever.  I'm much more eclectic with my choices (and always have been with clothes) and tend to make whatever takes my fancy.  I do love dresses though...
... except shirt dresses.  The sewing blogger community seems to LOVE shirt dresses, and I definitely differ in that respect because I hate them!  (On me, that is.  I love a good shirt dress on other people!)  I won't say you'll never see a shirt dress on this blog, but it's highly unlikely.
How does your writing process work?
I tend to write a post and then publish it almost immediately, usually within a few days of finishing the item if I'm sharing a finished project.  As I mentioned earlier, creative writing was never my strong point and there's only so long I can fiddle with posts before I hit publish.   I'm lucky in that I work from home at least part of the week, so I can normally find time during the day to write a post if I want to.  I'm not as restricted as some bloggers in having to find time at weekends to write posts which will then go live during the week. 
Having said that, if I'm feeling particularly inspired I will occasionally write two or three posts in a day and schedule them over the course of a week.

I had to choose two bloggers to take over this blog hop from me, and I've nominated Maria from How Good is That?  and Lucie from Love, Lucie, both of whom who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Minerva Crafts meet up earlier this year. 
You can read their answers to these same questions next Monday 15th September.



  1. Good job Sam :-) very interesting reading. Just too lazy to write my own!

    1. I don't blame you Manju, it did take a bit of thinking about!

  2. I've enjoyed reading your answers, I took part in the blog hop a few weeks ago. Good luck with the drafting classes! I recently did the bodice class, and it was brilliant.

    1. Thanks Lynne. I think I saw your blog hop post.

  3. Gah! That bicycle picture! Perfection!!

    *OK - swoon over*

    It's really fun to read your answers to these questions. I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple years. I think we have a very similar style in a lot of cases, and your comment about having more eclectic tastes really resonated with me!

    1. Thanks Gail. Yes, I think we do have a similar style in many cases.

  4. Blogging is a very interesting hobby isn't it!?? It's great to share our passion for sewing with others and be inspired. I love reading about what others are making and what they think about blogging. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading Margo. Blogging is interesting, and constantly challenging too! I often find it harder than the sewing.

  5. It was lovely reading about you, I do love your Anna dresses!!


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