The Wardrobe Architect - Exploring Shape

This weeks exercise in the Wardrobe Architect series was all about shape.   Specifically what shape garments we prefer to wear.  The worksheet consisted of a list of clothing types together with different options for ease, length, fullness and waistline.  All I needed to do was to enter a number from 0 (being I hate wearing this) to 10 (I am happiest wearing this).

Really there were no surprises.  Deep down, I know what I like and what I feel and look best in.  I do however get easily distracted by things that I see other people looking fabulous in.  Kind of like "Oooh, shiny...  I must have it". 

So, what do I like?

  • In general, garments that are somewhat fitted, although some of my choices did extend into the somewhat loose area as well.   I think that depends on other factors, fabric, what they are paired with, the occasion, etc.
  • I like either very long or knee length skirts and dresses.  No surprise there... I love maxi dresses, but only wear them in summer.
  • I also like mainly A-line or straight skirts and dresses, although I love fuller skirts on other people.
  • In skirts and trousers I like a natural waistline, while in dresses I like either a natural waist or a high waistline.
The second section of the worksheet concentrated on neckline and sleeve styles, with the same marking system.   Apparently I like very few neckline shapes, scoring boatneck and halter 10 each and V-neck, cowl neck and scoop neck 5 each.   Styles such as turtle neck, strapless and spaghetti strap scored a resounding 0.

I'm not quite as fussy about sleeves!  The only type to get 0 was spaghetti strap.  Cap sleeve and long sleeve got 10 each, 3/4 sleeve scored an 8, and sleeveless, short sleeve and above elbow sleeves all got 5.

According to my answers, this outfit is my idea of heaven. 
One of the commenters on the Coletterie post raised an interesting point about fabric weight, which was something I haven't consciously thought of.  She prefers similar shapes to me, and also mentioned feeling more comfortable in fabrics that are heavier and crisper.  Reading her comment, I realised that I do too.  While I love thin, floaty garments on others, if I wear them I feel undressed. 

Whilst I haven't actually learned anything I didn't already know this week, I feel that this exercise has helped to remind me about what I do really like and feel best in.  Now all I have to do is stop myself getting distracted by everything else!

Any tips on how to do that!?

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