Works in Progress...

I haven't had much time for either stitching or blogging this week, as I've been here, there and everywhere for work, but I thought it was about time I shared my current works in progress.

I have a Chelsea skirt on my knitting needles, in a lovely tweedy yarn called Donegal Soft, by Donegal yarns.  It's hard to get an interesting photo of this project, particularly at the moment while it's basically a long strip of knitting.  The skirt is knitted in one piece from the bottom up, using smaller sized needles as you go up the piece to create the A-line shaping.  I'm just about to change needle sizes for the first time.

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern, and to show the lovely coloured flecks in the yarn. 

It took me a while to get the stitch pattern right, as the way it was described was confusing to me.  However, once I wrote the directions out in a way that made more sense to me it was fine.

I also have a sewing project on the go - something a little bit more taxing than what I've made recently.  It's a Chanel style jacket from Burdastyle - the design is Jacquard Jacket 08/2012 #126.

Tracing the pattern off was interesting - I'm pleased there are only 6 pieces to this jacket!

I made my first "proper" muslin for this!  I'm glad I did because I had to make a few small changes - I ended up omitting the seam allowance from the seam down the top of the arm, and also shaving about 5mm off the shoulder curve on this seam.

The other change I made was to put some darts in the back - the shape was too boxy for me without them.

The outside of the jacket is almost complete.  It's going to be lined with the left over fabric from my Tigerlily Afternoon Tea dress, but first I'm hand sewing sequins around the neck.  I have a selection of matt black, matt gunmetal and oil on water black sequins which I am sewing randomly in a 2 inch band around the neck, instead of using sequinned fabric as recommended in the pattern. I'm as yet undecided whether to do the cuffs as well.

On another note, I'm very excited to say I've signed up for Karen's Apronalong over at Did You Make That?  I've ordered my pattern - Butterick 5302

I think I'll probably make a mash up using the bib of view D with the "skirt" of view A.


  1. Dreamy sequin sewing Sam! I am really taken by your Chanel styling....look forward to seeing it finished. I think I'd need to add darts to such a boxy jacket, will be interested to see you modelling it!
    Yay! For aprons!!

    1. Thank you Winnie! I'm really happy with it so far...... however I must get on and sew some more sequins - it's amazing how long it takes!


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